Compart - Gestion documentaire et output management

Using Compart DocBridge Delta for Test Optimization and Production Reliability

Simon Egerland, ALTE LEIPZIGER

ALTE LEIPZIGER Life Insurance sends out approximately 5.3 million pieces of mail from its Oberursel location each year. The data originates from a wide variety of applications and is transferred to a powerful output management system in the form of Word documents, XML or line data. The system then handles bundling, IT franking, and enveloping control in a closed loop process. When changes are made to this complex environment, all of the output has to be taken into account. The DocBridge Delta tool was introduced in 2014 for precisely that purpose. The presentation provides insight into the tool’s benefits in the testing and development environments and illustrates how to integrate continuous validation into the production landscape.


Simon Egerland

Simon Egerland

Simon Egerland set up the output management system at ALTE LEIPZIGER Life Insurance in 2003. The print output of other subsidiaries has been successively integrated in the intervening years. Since 2006, Egerland has headed up a 4-person team for development and operations.


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