Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Workflow and BPM - Why the Market Has not Understood until Today

Christoph Tylla, PENTADOC


For several years, the ECM industry has been experiencing a change - moving away from pure IT processes and towards business processes. In important core areas of ​​the related output management world, requirements are increasing significantly. Automated process control is a driving force behind many modern approaches. Process automation, workflow and business process management are quickly selected items for improvement. But where are the differences, what solution makes sense, and how does it all fit together?

Christoph Tylla illustrates in his speech what is important for efficient output management. Here, the speaker looks at the entire output range, from text creation to Outbox, and discusses the possible potential of the individual process steps. During the lecture three key questions are answered:

  • Where does the process control in output management make sense?
  • What are the success factors as well as pitfalls in the implementation of the company?
  • What can and should customers expect from today's solutions?

Christoph Tylla

Christoph Tylla has been in the field of document management (DM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) since 2002. Since 2006 he has worked as a senior analyst and consultant to the PENTADOC AG product independent research and consulting projects on the topics of input, document and output management. As part of his work, he is an active author of several market studies, press publications and a speaker at trade shows and events.

Currently Christoph Tylla is accompanying two customers in the design and implementation of an enterprise-wide output management strategy. He is a member of the Competence Center of Pentadoc Output Management AG. He also leads the working group of Business Collaboration and Enterprise 2.0 at BITKOM.

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