Unicode Character “” (U+FF31)

Name:Fullwidth Latin Capital Letter Q[1]
Unicode Version:1.1 (June 1993)[2]
Block:Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms, U+FF00 - U+FFEF[3]
Plane:Basic Multilingual Plane, U+0000 - U+FFFF[3]
Category:Uppercase Letter(Lu)[1]
Bidirectional Class:Left To Right(L)[1]
Combining Class:Not Reordered(0)[1]
Character is Mirrored:No[1]
HTML Entity:
  • Q
  • Q
UTF-8 Encoding:0xEF 0xBC 0xB1
UTF-16 Encoding:0xFF31
UTF-32 Encoding:0x0000FF31
Lowercase Character:q (U+FF51)[1]
Decomposition:Q (U+0051)[1]

Based on "Q" (U+0051)

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