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Tuning DocBridge Delta - Automated Version Comparisons of Contract Documents and Insurance Terms and Conditions



People acquire insurance for protection. But an insurer needs protection, too: protection against incorrect documents. Inaccurate documents quickly drive costs up and reputations down. A policy is an official document and must be correct, which requires thorough and regular testing.

To do this, ERGO Direkt developed an automated process in which a Java client assumes control of DocBridge Delta. The process ensures high test-quality and the necessary throughput. Analyzing the results is quick and easy.

The presentation examines the process in detail, giving you a glimpse of the power of DocBridge Delta.

Stefan Rochlitzer

Stefan Rochlitzer has been with ERGO Direkt since April 2012. He works in the Text Competence Center. The department manages a text system with approximately 32,000 objects. As an external consultant, Rochlitzer helped ERGO Direkt with the migration to the text system.

He specializes in test and print processes. His job is to continuously improve all the processes related to personalized documents at ERGO Direkt, and to develop strategies and concepts.

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