Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Transforming Print Management Beyond Printing

Mark Gross, NUANCE

Compart's technology is not limited to print. Nuance, a software company that bundles DocBridge Mill into its own offering, is finding very innovative ways to apply the technology. For example, a credit union send Nuance their advertising and statements, and Nuance uses DocBridge Mill to validate that the image sizes and color depth meet a number of requirements --either rejecting the job for a re-do, or accepting it and converting it to an AFP page segment before forwarding on to their print provider.  This automates what had been a tedious, manual process for 60+ branch offices.  In addition, Nuance has a number of customers leveraging the Compart components to convert what had been printed documents (e.g. reports) to PDF or PDF/A, at which point they are emailed to individuals or written to file for archival – eliminating print altogether.


Mark Gross

Mark Gross

Mark Gross born and raised in Indiana, Mark graduated from Purdue University.  He later moved to Florida, where he entered the printing industry upon joining Barr Systems in 1998.  When Barr began working with Compart to provide transform capabilities to their customers, Mark became familiar with the power and flexibility of the DocBridge Mill product.  Mark now works for Nuance Communications, where he is a product manager for their print management products.


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