Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Transforming Output Management into Customer Communications Management

Jeroen Huinink, Aia Software


Analysts and industry researchers have been struggling with a good name for our industry. It has had a lot of names in the past: Variable Data Printing, Document Output Management and most recently Customer Communications Management. What does this mean for our industry and for our partners and customers?

Document Output Management is often seen as an extra cost and a necessary evil. However, the value and necessity of documents is increasing and rightly will become Customer Communications Management. Organizations can optimize customer communications by combining all output streams and producing multi-channel transactions.

Learn why output management must become business managed instead of an IT or mailroom process. By capturing, manipulating and managing output streams and channels based on information in CRM, more expensive changes to legacy systems can be avoided without a sacrifice of functionality and solutions exist in the market place that can integrate CRM and output management.

Jeroen Huinink

Jeroen Huinink is Business Partner Manager at Aia Software in The Netherlands, a leading global supplier of intelligent document management software. He has been working with Aia Software in various positions for over 12 years.

Jeroen graduated from the Radboud University in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, with a masters in Computer Science. He started his career at Aia Software as a consultant and project manager on projects in the Netherlands, Europe and the US.

Huinink has been part of the management team of Aia Software as Manager, Professional Services and as Innovation Manager. In his position as Manager, Professional Services he managed Aia's global implementation services and support services. As Innovation Manager he was responsible for introducing and implementing Scrum in the R&D department. Scrum is an agile software development methodology for managing complex new product development work.

Last year Huinink successfully applied Scrum as lead developer and architect for Aia Software's new product ITP/Customer Correspondence Management. His in-depth knowledge of and experience with Aia's international insurance, banking and government customers puts him in an ideal position to combine customer needs and sophisticated technology in a solid architecture. This is a focal point of Aia's future technology and provides a foundation for Aia Software's strategy.

His work for Aia Software has earned him the Electronic Document Professional certification.

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