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Olaf Drümmer, PDF Association


In 2001 ISO published the first ISO standard based on PDF: ISO 15930-1, well known in the printing industry  and by now established as the standard for exchange of print ready files. Meanwhile a few variant have been added to PDF/X, and on top of that there now exist PDF/A, PDF/, PDF/VT and soon PDF/UA. Even PDF itself has become its own ISO standard by now, formally referred to as ISO 32000-1. All these PDF based standards target different application areas, from archiving and high volume printing to accessibility and engineering. Even for power users it is often difficult to tell what to use when and what for. This presentation offers an overview and provides guidance.

Olaf Drümmer

Olaf Drümmer is the CEO of the PDF Association and founder and director of callas software GmbH in Berlin, which specializes in the the analysis and processing of PDF files. Active since 1999 in ISO standardization, Drümmer helped develop PDF/X (ISO 15930), PDF/A (ISO 19005), PDF/E (ISO 24517), PPML/VDX and PDF/VT (ISO 16612) as well as PDF/UA (ISO 14289). callas software was among the first suppliers of solutions for PDF/X and PDF/A. Since 2003, callas software has been developing the Adobe Acrobat Pro Preflight module, which is based on callas pdfToolbox technology. Both of callas' product lines – pdfToolbox and pdfaPilot – are available in workstation and server versions and as a programming library (SDK) for Windows, Linux, Sun, AIX and Mac

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