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Strategies for Mental Fitness: The Latest Findings from Brain Research to Learning and Memory Techniques

Prof. Dr. Uwe Genz, Neuro-Kompetenz-Akademie, Campus Dreieich


Think it’s not possible? But it is! Your brain may not talk to you, but it sends out important signals, every single day. You just have to listen carefully and react appropriately. And that you can learn!

Mental fitness is not an unalterable trait that you either have or don’t have, stuck at the same level your entire life. On the contrary, the brain needs to be used and exercised properly to develop and maintain its edge, and can be trained to do so. Using neurodidactic methods that you actively integrate into your learning process, you can learn:

  • How to improve your information-psychological capacities in just a few minutes a day. These capacities contribute significantly to your intelligence, creativity, and memory.
  • How to use your mind and memory optimally to achieve your highest level of mental fitness.
  • How to deal with emotions appropriately and guide behavior.
  • Different strategies and how to use them intelligently.
  • How to apply the findings from brain research.
  • How to boost working memory capacity through mental activation training (optimize mental performance).
  • How to use learning strategies for fluid and crystallized intelligence.
  • How to learn on your own now and throughout your entire life.

Neuro-competence, with its findings from brain research, influences learning, work, and memory techniques that are especially relevant not only to students, but to working adults to better manage their workday, to parents and teachers in their dealings with young people, and managers in their relations with employees (neuroleadership).

Prof. Dr. Uwe Genz

Prof. Dr. Uwe Genz is academic director of the Neuro-competence Academy, Dreieich Campus, and professor of key competencies at the Martin Buber University, Brussels and Kerkrade. He researches methods and strategies to improve and retain mental fitness.

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