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SOA, Yet Another Hype? - Designing Business Processes and Service-Oriented Architecture in the Print Center

Dr. Oskar von Dungern, Enso Publishing GmbH


Is IT really of service to the enterprise? Many people still consider the results produced by expensive IT projects as an insult. How can IT be better aligned with company goals, how can IT be better focused on creating value? How does one prevent that the competitive advantage of an organization falls foul of standardization … and yet still remains within cost limits?

Business process design on the one hand, and the realization of a service-oriented architecture (SOA) in IT on the other, is a promising starting point. What are the main points of a SOA and which experiences help us to implement an SOA project? Practical examples and approaches will be presented, including some from the print center.

Dr. Oskar von Dungern

Dr. Oskar von Dungern is an engineer and has been involved with innovative IT project for 25 years. He was a consultant and project leader for production software solutions and head of development for licensing software, later moving to Beta Systems Software AG as head of technology. He is particularly interested in the creative struggle between applications and software. He understands the viewpoint of an organization as well as that of IT professionals. With enso publishing he supports companies in the successful design of software in technical and organizational areas; for Compart he is currently occupied with Product Management.

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