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Spooling Systems: Components and Examples of Various Systems

Seminar: CP-S1060/en

To ensure the user can access batch printing, spooling systems have to be implemented on a range of operating system platforms including z/OS, Unix-flavors and MS-Windows. Elements of these spooling systems include print capabilities, queuing and device support. In this seminar the functions of these systems and features are discussed, as are various spooling systems such as JES, SAP and CUPS.

Content ƒ- Print destination (Printer)
ƒƒ- Queue
ƒƒ- Device
ƒƒ- Backend
ƒƒ- JES
ƒƒ- SAP Spool work process
ƒƒ- CUPS
ƒƒ- VPSX
ƒƒ- DocBridge Queue Processor
Target Audience Newcomers to spooling systems
Objectives Attain a basic understanding of spooling systems and their technical implementation
Attendees 12 persons (max.)
Duration 1 day (10:00 - 16:30)
Seminar Dates Upon request
Costs Webinar € 1.200,00 excl. V.A.T. per participant (incl. training materials) participation in the online training via desktop video conference software
Costs On-site Upon request

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