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Electronic Signature

Workshop: EX-W1060/en

An electronic signature is the electronic equivalent of a personal signature. It encompasses some significant enhancements such as security integrity, authentication etc., which makes this component more and more important. For some document types like electronic invoices or legal documentations a signature is mandatory. This is based on EU directive 1999/93/EG (”Signature Directive”), the German signature law SigG and the signature act SigV.

Content - ƒBasics of electronic signature (cryptography)
ƒƒ- Introduction to PKI
ƒƒ- Legal directives and laws
ƒƒ- Operation (creation, relevance and use of signature certificates, control/validation of signatures and certificates)
ƒƒ- Exercises
Target Audience Consultants, project managers, sales people, application designers and developers
Objectives Attain a grounded understanding of the legal and technical framework of signatures, the main features of cryptography, the technical implementation of single, batch and volume signatures
Requirements (recommended) Understanding of document processing in output management systems
Attendees 8 persons (max.)
Duration 1st day: 10:00 - 17:00
2nd day: 09:00 - 16:00
Seminar Dates Upon request
Costs Webinar € 3.000,00 excl. V.A.T. per participant (incl. training materials) participation in the online training via desktop video conference software
Costs On-site Upon request
Notes The workshop includes practical exercises - to create and test certificates and signatures as well as to integrate signatures into a batch or production processes

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