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Relevant Customer Communication: Rock Your Communication with C4 & Compart

Marc Koch, legodo ag


legodo ag makes customer communication software. The C4 communication platform supports the fast and simple creation of written, correspondence for SAP and Oracle customers, and which is relevant as seen from the perspective of their customer and business partner. For the first time ever C4 makes it possible to apply all customer processes and data from ERP, CRM and other enterprise applications, in the right context and at the right time for relevant customer communication.

legodo ag customers achieve the desired public perception through improved quality of their marketing communications. C4 makes the creation of form or individually-address letters both simple and fast. Complex offers or contracts are rule-based and can be used for debiting. Personalized campaigns are very effective in the right personal context. Whether for letter/print, e-mail, Fax, SMS/MMS, Internet, call center or point of sale: the knowledge in your existing systems will be deployed for targeted, relevant customer communication. Rule-based templates fully integrated with SAP, Oracle, Siebel or MS SQL are created, tested and made available throughout the enterprise, exactly as required within a few hours. With C4 legodo ag customers can reduce the effort in creating, testing and distributing correspondence by about 90%.

More than 40,000 employees of well-known companies already work successfully with C4, including DAB Bank, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche Telekom, Dillinger Hüttenwerke, GEHE Pharmahandel, Integralis, RWE, Swisscom and XELLA.

Marc Koch

Marc Koch is on the board of legodo ag and responsible for the product department. He looks back on many years of consulting experience in the field of energy supply and high tech. During his consulting years he was constantly on the look-out for the potential to improve large standard software systems in the field of document processing. The basic motivation for his enterprising activities was the vision of building and marketing a process-integrated software product for document processing for the enterprise market.

He began his career at iXOS (OpenText) a DMS supplier. During time at Siebel Germany he was responsible for the implementation of very large for CRM at various national and international enterprises. At 30 years of age he founded his first company. Since 2005 Mr Koch a member of the board of legodo ag (formerly ec4u expert consulting AG).

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