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Precision Marketing & TransPromo: New Development or Old Wine in New Bottles?

Jürgen Krebs, InfoPrint Solutions Deutschland GmbH


Is the use of the broad spectrum of customer communication always a smart idea, or is - at the end - not all gold that glitters? Also, the question is, if terms like Precission Marketing & TransPromo are really a new development, or if they are already known and simply appear in a new light.

It's these questions we deal with, to bring clarity into the world of creative and progressing innovation. We also think of the chances for an additional channel of distribution, based on an optimized communication concept in combination with the right media mix.

Try to see the instrument of customer communication - which is often seen as cost factor or even as necessary evil - as an up-/cross-selling-chance, to improve customer satisfaction and loyality. It also improves the brand awareness and makes the achievement of marketing objectives more measurable. A pro-active customer communication, combined with additional customer benefit, can support your sales and marketing.

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