Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Output Management at Barmenia: Insurances through Changing Times

Christian Schrade, BARMENIA


In an increasingly heterogeneous applications landscape, Barmenia Insurance Group acquired DocBridge Pilot, a tool for implementing cross-application output management throughout the company.

Along the way, many problems were solved, business processes improved, and here and there a few missteps taken.

DocBridge Pilot also opens up completely new possibilities for managing output.

Christian Schrade

Christian Schrade has been with Barmenia Insurance Group since 2004, completing his software engineering qualification in applications development in 2007. He has been working with input and output management since the beginning of his employ.

Since 2009 he has been focused on selecting and implementing an output management system at Barmenia Insurance Group.

He is currently a part of the output management team and is responsible for the support and further development of DocBridge Pilot.

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