Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Opportunities and Challenges at the Interface between Colored Physical and Secure Digital Communication



Why did Swiss Post Solutions, a division of the Swiss Postal System, invest in physical output environments in spite of its clear strategy to join the digital revolution? The presenter discusses both SPS strategy and real-life implementation examples.

Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a fully owned subsidiary of the Swiss Postal System, is a leading supplier of business process solutions, both physical and digital.

One of its areas of activity is multi-channel document output. While bringing physical documents into the electronic age (e.g., Web portals, e-mail, secure mail) is at the core of the organization’s goals with their customers, the volume of physical output continues to mount at five European locations. More than 600 million physical mailings are dispatched every year from the SPS locations, trending upwards along with a greater willingness to outsource.

In addition to the innovations in the digital world highlighted in the presentation, innovation and investment in physical production processes are also in demand. The presenter will discuss one site that was realigned from a mail services provider to a certified high-security output center for transaction documents. Also included in the presentation is a report on the investment in color inkjet technology, in operation at the Dettingen/Teck site in Germany since January 2014. The installation is the first of its kind in the German-speaking market.

Andreas Keck

Mr. Keck is an experienced sales manager with more than 20 years of experience in various positions of leadership in the fields of printing, dialog marketing and document output. He has served in a variety of management positions at SPS since 2010. He specializes in sales document activities at SPS in connection with strategies for digital transformation, e.g., using secure and hybrid mail constellations (Inca Mail, De-Mail, E-presentment).

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