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Authorize, Authenticate, Configure, Re-Configure, Analyze, Share, Don’t Share… Delta 2.8 Can Do it All

The Best-Selling Quality Assurance Software for Documents Just Got Better

Documents Quality Assurance Software

Nothing looks worse for a business than an error on the page.

Shoddy craftsmanship, poor work habits, lack of caring, little attention to detail— all there in black and white—these are not traits that any businessperson wants to be associated with…

Because when it comes to documents that contribute to the customer experience: trust is good but verification is better.

And so in recognition that quality assurance in the document process is gaining traction in organizations of all sizes, DocBridge Delta 2.8 has additional features that help you ensure that what the customer sees is what you want them to see, error free.

We have added functionality that our customers have been asking for: improved user management and the ability to share test configurations.

User management is split into two components: authentication and authorization, via a robust framework. Authentication is the process that is employed to determine that a user is who they say they are while authorization allows or restricts access to application functionality via role-based permissions. Users, roles and permissions can be easily fine-tuned through the new Administrator User Interface.

Test configuration sharing is an easy way to allow a group (or groups) of users to access one or more test profiles. Permissions such as editing and exporting of test configurations can be granted to individual role groups. Sensitive documents can be kept hidden while others can be shared.

When combined, these new and powerful features allow customers to use DocBridge Delta in ways that more closely suit their unique needs and workflows. Large organizations can have different individuals and groups working on different projects with different testing protocols.

One of the other more note-worthy improvements is the upgraded installer application which supports GUI, command line and silent/unattended installations for Windows and Linux. This will make the installation and maintenance of DocBridge Delta even easier than before.

DocBridge Delta version 2.8 will be available on Thursday, January 21, 2016 via the Compart customer portal at

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