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NearStar and Compart Partner to Provide Timelier Document Output Solutions

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NearStar, Inc. and Compart AG have finalized an agreement to work together to provide more comprehensive document output solutions in the US.

NearStar is a leading provider of advanced workflow solutions and consulting services to medium and large organizations that need to manage print, mail and electronic documents.  Compart is a leading international supplier of multi-channel solutions for document processing and management.

“We are excited to partner with Compart because their products greatly reduce the time it takes to resolve the issues that inevitably accompany output operations,” said Bill Sanders, CEO of NearStar. “The next big task for many of our clients will be to transform data streams meant for print into PDF or HTML5 format, making them more efficient to archive and view on the web or via mobile devices.”

“NearStar has been delivering value to clients for decades and has a tremendous following, especially as a result of their partnership with Xerox. Our combined technologies yields a very strong solution set. We look forward to working with NearStar to help their clients enjoy even greater operational efficiency,” said John Lynch, North American Regional Manager for Compart.

The scalable and platform-independent DocBridge® family of products, designed, developed and supported by Compart, creates universal access documents, capable of being viewed and worked with anytime and anywhere, on paper or digitally via the web or on mobile devices.

NearStar designs solutions to be vendor neutral and platform independent, driving unique multi-application/multi-vendor environments and providing a single-solution interface. This simplifies the print floor operation and alleviates the bottlenecks usually associated with complex data requirements and a variety of print streams, as well as full ADF tracking and reporting.

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