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Knowledge Transfer with Local Universities

Compart and the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart Have Joined Forces, Entering into a Cooperative Agreement Last Year.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Stuttgart

Compart agreed to train students in the dual studies program at DHBW Stuttgart in the fields of software development, support and pre-sales. In turn, the students will have the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in concrete projects and gain essential practical experience. They will also hone the professional and social competencies they'll require in their future careers. From the very start, they will be tied into Compart’s operations and learn the essential principles of working in a multicultural team.

With its headquarters in Böblingen, Compart has subsidiaries in North America, France, Spain, and Scandinavia and employs individuals from twenty countries. Christof Mayer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Compart: "Right from the start we hand over responsibility for special projects to the students, so they can fully appreciate the work’s progress and the results of their efforts. They will see that their work is needed and valued; it’s a win-win all around."

Wanted: Lateral Thinking and Pioneering Spirit

Compart also assigns topics for degree, semester and research papers, such as mobile applications and business scenarios in document management. Assigning research topics is a tradition at Compart. The company already has research cooperation programs in place with Aalen University, The Freie Universität Berlin and the Institute for Software Technology in Stuttgart. "Someone who thrives in a dynamic IT environment, is globally aware, and likes to think outside the box is definitely welcome here," explains Mayer.

With 40 percent of its employees involved in development, research and innovation are essential at Compart. It was for this very reason that the company recently created a separate "Technology" department in addition to "Development."

This is a place for contemplating future technologies that initially seem a bit off-track from Compart’s day-to-day business, but definitely have potential to evolve into marketable innovations. It’s an offer Compart also extends to its degree candidates and graduates; to "people with a pioneering spirit and an instinct for constructive play," says Mayer. "We are committed to fostering young IT professionals and ensuring their qualifications are suited for the long term. That’s why we get involved in education early on and why we will continue to expand cooperation with other educational institutions." Other such planned collaborations are with the Academy for Data Processing in Böblingen and the Stuttgart Media University.

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