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DocBridge® Pilot 3.0 Simplifies Configuration of Input Channels

DocBridge Pilot 3.0

Compart is bringing its latest release to the market: DocBridge Pilot 3.0. The high-performance solution to IT-supported execution of technically complex document processing jobs (modification/conversion, bundling, output on all digital and physical channels, etc.) stands at the ready with graphical configuration of input channels.

Setup of input processing jobs is easier and quicker - simply drag and drop - allowing even users without extensive programming knowledge to configure new processes. Also new are the predefined templates for implementing white paper production as well as closed-loop output management (OM) processes. The new version features greatly improved performance thanks to automatic binary processing of AFP and PDF files.

And not only that: DocBridge Pilot 3.0 has a new web interface that is even more finely tuned to a company's typical OM processes. It affords production managers a better overview of jobs, allowing them to react more quickly in the event of errors or disruptions. All operations status data are neatly organized for display on the intuitive-to-use dashboard. Mailings and documents can be filtered according to various criteria at the click of a mouse, giving operators greater process control. Overall the new web interface ensures much easier handling of the typical day-to-day processes in output management. The new version also offers an automatic reprint option.

DocBridge Pilot 3.0 is now available in English, French and German.

Comparting, the de facto Forum for Multi-Channel Document Management on November 14th and 15th, 2013 in Böblingen/Stuttgart, Germany

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