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DocBridge Mill Plus supports HTML5 and PDF/UA

Market introduction at this year's Comparting in October

DocBridge Mill Plus

Compart's scalable software lays foundation for multi-channel-capable and device-independent document processing.

How can a company leverage its legacy IT infrastructure and process its documents regardless of type, format, age and source so they can be output over all physical and digital channels? The entire Compart portfolio reflects this central question in customer communication today. The solutions from experienced specialists for optimizing data streams are laying the foundation for device-independent document processing, beyond the confines of the A4 format, display size, and limited access for those with disabilities.

One milestone in this arena is the new version of DocBridge Mill Plus, which will hit the market at the beginning of October right before this year's Comparting. It has a new component that allows documents to be generated in HTML5, the critical data format for display on the Web. The input files with a page layout are converted to output files with automatic breaks, modified to the given display capabilities (screen size, resolution). This means any type of document can be retrieved from the archive, converted to HTML5, and displayed and processed in the relevant specialist application.  A typical scenario occurs in banks, where sensitive documents such as securities statements are regularly retrieved. They are displayed locally to the processor, but may only be saved and processed centrally.

Barrier-free documents and metadata for automatic invoice processing

Another new feature of DocBridge Mill Plus is the ability to generate valid PDF/UA documents automatically with very little manual effort. Firms that need their customer correspondence to be accessible to all get just the right technological support with the Compart solution. Overall the new release is substantially more user-friendly. More and more functions can be set up using simple wizards and are easy to master even for users with little programming skill. DocBridge Mill Plus also supports current developments such as XMP, further advancing the automation and standardization in digital document exchange. Attendees of Comparting on October 16th and 17th, 2014 in Böblingen will have an opportunity to see it all for themselves.

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For journalists: Press roundtable at Comparting on Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 2:45 p.m. 

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