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DocBridge Mill Plus 2.1 enables virtualizing computer capacities within a company network

DocBridge Mill Plus 2.1

What do you do if time and again your company has more documents than usual to process but not enough computing capacity to handle the uptick in volume? One alternative to the standard, and often costly, purchase of new hardware is DocBridge Mill Plus 2.1.

The solution developed by Compart for the analysis, classification, modification, and conversion of data streams of varying formats enables a company, through server virtualization, to adapt computer capacities within the network as required. As a result, existing physical resources are better utilized.

Users also have the ability to add and later delete virtual servers as needed. In other words, if you are using DocBridge Mill Plus 2.1 for a specific initial volume but need more resources to print credit card statements at the end of the month, for example, you simply expand the solution at those peak times. 
Respond more quickly to peak volumes 

Not only do you avoid the trouble of setting up new hardware components. Thanks to the distributed virtual server architecture with a central Web interface, users have an overview of all processing jobs. The software distributes them automatically to the individual servers, ensuring resources are utilized optimally. This also allows orders to be parallelized.

DocBridge Mill Plus 2.1 is especially oriented to companies with fluctuating document volumes that must respond flexibly and cost-effectively in providing computer capacity. Thanks to the unlimited scalability of DocBridge Mill Plus 2.1, peaks in document processing can be better managed because the additional computing resources 
required are immediately available. DocBridge Mill Plus is used worldwide by leading companies in the finance, insurance, public utilities, telecommunications and printing industries as well as in the public sector.

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