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DocBridge Delta for automatic document comparison soon available in German

Demand growing in Europe and North America

DocBridge Delta

DocBridge Delta, the platform-independent software for automatic document comparison will be available in German starting in 2013. 

By expanding the program, originally available only in English, Compart is responding to the increasing demand in Europe. DocBridge Delta has enjoyed years of success in North America, including at Naehas and Japs-Olson, and the trend is growing. But the demand for DocBridge Delta is also on the rise in the German-speaking world, as well as in Western and Southern Europe. Projects in Germany are currently underway at the Federal Employment Office, the Broadcast License Fee Collection Agency (GEZ) and the Bertelsmann affiliate, arvato direct services Gütersloh GmbH. Compart anticipates that the new language version will have even more companies choosing DocBridge Delta to meet their needs. In the German-speaking countries in particular Compart sees tremendous market potential.

Document diversity is growing, along with quality requirements

DocBridge Delta is aimed primarily at industries with a traditionally high document volume, such as banks, insurers, utilities, telecommunications providers and public administrations. Here there is a demand for easy-to-use tools to compare documents with slightly different content or layout changes. Quality assurance in document checking is essential, last but not least to ensure that unwanted changes do not result from updates to the document creation software. More efficient methods of checking are sought that can be integrated, if possible, into the entire document creation process. Thomas Funke, Vice President Product Management, at Compart: "Reliable and efficient document comparison is growing in 
importance in production environments where reducing the misprint rate due to incorrectly implemented changes or out-of-date applications is the key. With DocBridge Delta, we provide companies with a tool that automates the check process with that very goal in mind, and makes it more reliable."

Comfortable graphical user interface simplifies configuration

DocBridge Delta electronically detects and analyses differences between individual documents, visualizing them simultaneously. Objects coded in the files are analyzed down to the last detail structure and differences are displayed object by object. Certain areas can be excluded from the comparison, like the variable address field.

For the visual comparison, the documents to be compared are first converted into pixel images of equal resolution before the comparison takes place. Matching pixels are gray, a pixel that occurs only in the reference document is green and its counterpart in the comparison file is red. This makes it easy to see even the tiniest differences in objects. 

The software is easy to use and simplifies configuration for the user. He or she can define the individual check criteria using drag & drop and view the detailed results as a PDF. This allows even users without extensive programming knowledge to configure customized workflows. Command-line programming is also available.

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