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Boeblingen (Germany),

Comparting on November 15–16, 2018: Forum for Trendsetting in Multichannel Document and Output Management

Comparting 2018

Process automation, universal document design for omni-channel output, and rendition services top the agenda for this year's Comparting on November 15th and 16th in the Boeblingen Kongresshalle.

The international technology forum for document and output management, now in its 11th year, will focus more than ever on methods and solutions that help unburden companies of the increasing complexity in document processing.

Companies rely all the more on state-of-the-art IT to tame the rise in cost pressures and document volumes, and particularly the growing personalization in customer communications.

Compart, known for its pioneering spirit, will be presenting a number of related product innovations as well as a variety of projects. In France, for example, Compart worked with several customers on a powerful system to seamlessly track documents across the entire production cycle.

The two-day technology forum will feature these and many other projects. DocBridge Impress, the software for generating multi-channel-capable documents from a single source format, will again take center stage. Since its market introduction three years ago, the solution has enjoyed burgeoning demand at home and abroad.

All presentations will be interpreted simultaneously into German, English, and French. As usual, there will be a special track for the French audience as well.

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