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Boeblingen (Germany),

Comparting 2018: Handling Documents Needs to Be More Comfortable

Data is the petroleum of the customer communication


How to make document and output management in companies as convenient as possible while increasing process security?

This question is the focus of this year's Comparting on 15 and 16 November in the Congress Hall Boeblingen. The international congress responds to the increasing demands on customer communication such as accessibility, omnichannel capability and process automation, to name only the most important ones.

In this context, Harald Grumser, founder and CEO of Compart, demands that the handling of documents generally has to be made more comfortable. "It's about" upgrading "content to intelligent information carriers. In the face of big data and artificial intelligence, actionable data is becoming the focus of every serious digital transformation. "You do not need to talk about standardization and automation in document and output management if the information you need is not available, the CEO continued.

Data is the "new oil" of customer communication.

This year, the global players of the insurance industry Generali and Talanx, who will report on their experiences in the digital transformation of document processing, will be taking part; as well as the company Unimed, a nationwide billing service for clinics in Germany. Under the title "From Market Sounding to Successful Project Implementation", the service provider describes in his presentation the procedure for the development of his Output Management System (OMS) and the associated challenges.

Also on the agenda: the creation of accessible, understandable documents. The topic goes far beyond the aspect of disability equality, because barrier-free documents are always multichannel documents. In Boeblingen various methods are presented, with DocBridge © Impress, the software for the generation of multichannel documents from a single source format ("Design Once"), plays a central role. Since its market launch three years ago, the tool has been enjoying increasing demand at home and abroad.

Comparting is known for its high density of technological innovations. Amongst others, this year, Compart will present a new application that will monitor the entire document cycle in real time and deliver key, consistent metrics from production as a basis for further optimization.

Another topic that is currently in the focus of Compart's work is the question of how document management processes can be noticeably optimized again, given the variety of formats and output channels as well as the symbiosis of transactional single and mass processing.

In doing so, it is important to reconcile the initially contradictory demands for more flexibility and customer-specific adaptability on the one hand and a reduction in complexity in terms of configuration and operation on the other hand. To do this, Compart will provide first insights into a whole new approach to solutions.

The presentations will be held or translated simultaneously in German, English and French.

For journalists there is on Thursday, the 15.11. at 14.00 a press conference with the board and regional managers of Compart.

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