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Compart Unlocks New Market Potential For Digital Printing

The greatest benefit for companies is that they can expand the range of applications for their digital printing presses.

Digital printing

Compart connects different worlds in printing: With technological innovations, the specialist for multi-channel document and output management ensures that companies that print digitally also benefit more and more from the advantages of analog/offset printing. This primarily concerns the extended support and quality of jobs in full-color printing.

Among other things, Compart has further developed various features for the efficient processing of complex PDF and AFP files at a high level. This includes even better handling of transparent and semi-transparent surfaces (transparency). This also includes the treatment of graphic levels and their correct arrangement. These and other improvements in detail (overprinting, rasterization) make professional use of elaborate and detailed color graphics and texts possible.

These innovations come into effect in all solutions within the DocBridge© Suite from Compart. The greatest benefit for companies is that they can expand the range of applications for their digital printing presses. Compart applications can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. This will enable digital printing service providers in particular to unlock new market segments without expensive hardware investment.

There is potential, for example, in high-quality catalog, magazine, book and packaging printing, which must meet the highest level of quality standards and which are therefore usually at home in the offset sector. At the same time, the advantages of digital printing (high performance for large jobs, high efficiency and low costs thanks to the use of inkjet technology) are retained.

Compart has proven its expertise in the optimization of print data streams of all types and has been actively involved in the continuous development of worldwide standards for document and print data processing for many years (e.g. PDF and AFP).

With its range of services, the globally-active group of companies addresses print service providers who are faced with the challenge of having to expand or change their business area against the backdrop of declining volumes in transactional printing.

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