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Compart North America at Graph Expo 2015 in Chicago

Compart North America will take a different approach at this year’s Graph Expo in Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Graph Expo 2015 Chicago

Instead of the standard demonstrations at workstations and product-focused sales pitches, the specialist in multi-channel document and output management will offer informal conversation with visitors. The lounge-like atmosphere in Booth 554 is designed to encourage customers and other trade fair visitors to come in, sit down, and talk. The relaxed setting is an ideal backdrop for meeting with the management team from Compart North America to discuss your document management concerns and problems. There will even be foot massagers available for those that want to soothe aching feet.

“The conversations we have with people in the industry tend to focus on issues they have with data, with document output, and with content,” said John P. Lynch, VP of Technology, Compart North America. “People want to talk about their problems at work, about the issues that keep them up at night. And so we will listen, and if they choose to they can avail themselves of our long experience in the industry, our technical expertise, and our international perspective.”
What does document processing have to do with Industry 4.0?

On the first two days of the trade show (Sept.13th and 14th) Harald Grumser, founder, owner and CEO of the Compart Group, will specifically address attendees, analysts and journalists to explain the current trends in document processing in Europe such as universal accessibility (PDF/UA), separation of content and layout (HTML5) and the increasing connection with digitized production (Industry 4.0)

The discussions with the CEO will afford companies an excellent opportunity to learn more about the international market situation in printing and document management and to preview factors that will play a role in the future success or failure of organizations in this industry in America. Mr. Grumser will be available to take questions.   

John Lynch, Vice President of Technology at Compart North America: “This show is for attendees, and we urge them to bring lists of issues and problems that are making their working lives more difficult. We will listen. And working together, we may help them solve those issues.” Lynch highlighted the fact that Compart will invest its proven expertise in solutions development even more than in the past, solutions that specifically target customer requirements.

It was to this end, he continued, that the new technology development center was recently opened in New Milford (Connecticut). The burgeoning interest in the USA, Canada, and Latin America makes optimal coordination of development and sales critical for just-in-time response to customer requirements.


Compart North America at the Graph Expo in Chicago, September 13–16, 2015 (McCormick Place South, Booth 554).


For an appointment with CEO Harald Grumser, call +1 617 426 9999 or send an e-mail


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