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Compart growth strategy is exemplified by the new action plan adopted by Compart France S.A.S.

Compart France

Compart France S.A.S. a French subsidiary of Compart, the leading German provider of document output management software and solutions, is expanding and consolidating its base.

In early October, four new French employees were appointed to key positions on the Compart team. This aggressive hiring policy is part of the expansion strategy of Compart who has set up its French office on the 14th floor of the Tour Part Dieu (Part Dieu Tower), in Lyon. From this prestigious location, ideally situated at the main train station and directly accessible to Lyon’s international airport, Compart France S.A.S. will be at the helm of an organization that spans Southern Europe, French-speaking Maghreb (North Africa), and West and Central Africa.

Compart France S.A.S. has increased its staff seven-fold since its offices opened in July 2010. The four new hires – Technical Director, Partnership Manager, Project Director and Sales Engineer – will further boost the company’s technical and sales services to both meet and exceed customer requirements.

Southern Europe – a big potential for Compart

Over the last two years, the geographical area covered by Compart France S.A.S. has more than doubled in size. The new HQ in Lyon will be a major hub providing technical services, assistance and support for customers and partners in Southern Europe, the French and Italian-speaking cantons of Switzerland, Belgium, Maghreb and the rest of French-speaking Africa.

The building offers a wide range of hotel and restaurant services for customers attending Compart technology seminars and conferences.

Philippe Filippi, Compart’s Regional Manager SER (Southern European Region) and Country Manager of Compart France S.A.S. explains the reasons behind this major investment: “The team based in Lyon is increasingly expanding its scope across Southern Europe, and hence to overcome this strategic challenge, we have invested in human and material capital. I am confident that we will see strong growth in annual sales in the Southern Europe area – this is a key market for Compart.

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