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Compart Goes REST API

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DocBridge© Pilot 3.8, the new version of the output management software for cost-optimized Omnichannel customer communication, is now available. The most important innovation of the current release is the extended and customized open programming interface based on the REST technology (API), which allows the user an even better integration of DocBridge© Pilot into his existing document and output management structures.

Without time-consuming scripting, functions and data of DocBridge© Pilot can be retrieved via URLs as they known from the Internet world (e.g. status information on specific jobs) - regardless of the overall architecture of the document and output management in which the Compart-solution is embedded in the company.

Customers can make this information available to other applications, transfer documents to DocBridge© Pilot or control various functions of DocBridge© Pilot from other applications. With the new release Compart continues its approach of open, REST-based interfaces.

For understanding: REST (Representational State Transfer) describes an architectural approach that is oriented towards the paradigms and behaviour of the World Wide Web. The aim of REST technology is to make even better use of the possibilities of the modern web for machine-to-machine communication in the form of web services.

Against this background, a REST API is an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows data to be exchanged directly between different systems.


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