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Compart expands to the Mexican market

The multi-channel document management software company launches operations in Mexico in collaboration with its business partners

Headquarter Compart Böblingen, Germany

Compart has announced its expansion into Mexico’s market. Specializing in the most advanced solutions for document processing and output for all types of channels – both physical and digital – Compart is now focusing its Latin American growth strategies on Mexico, which represents major business potential. The aim is to provide a whole range of products and services through its business partners, as well as continue its market expansion throughout the Americas.

As an industry leader for over 21 years, Compart provides multichannel solutions for document and output- management, ensuring quality control and compliance with regulations that govern documents and data streams. Compart’s high-performance solutions for smart document processing and distribution uses technology that enables clients to output and access documents and content anywhere – in any form or format.

Compart, headquartered in Germany, is an established expert in the document and output management industry, serving sectors such as banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, printing services and public administration with its DocBridge® line of products. Compart also provides highly efficient, goal-oriented consulting and outsourcing services. With branch offices in Europe and North America, Compart has plans to expand within the Latin American market. Commercial agreements and product delivery are already in place in countries like Brazil, Chile and Colombia.

Customer-based Success

Ioanis Terzopoulos, head of Compart in Latin America, tells us, “Mexico is key to our business growth on the continent. This is why we are creating a network of partners who can help us provide our clients with the leading multichannel document management solutions used in the US and Europe.” He further adds, “In this way, all companies that manage large volumes of documents in Mexico will be able to benefit from the advantages in document processing Compart has been offering for more than twenty years now.”

According to Terzopoulos, Mexico is a huge market for companies that deal with large volumes of data on a daily basis for customer communications. Compart solutions help their customers process data correctly, providing quality control of communications, compliance with regulations, and the formatting of data for any desired output channel. Any company can thereby support increased communications with its customers – essential for business development.

Compart is recognized worldwide as an innovative market leader and developer of cutting-edge solutions in document management. With over 1,400 clients in 42 countries worldwide, the company has also been approached by businesses in a number of Latin American countries. By establishing itself in the Mexican market, the company is responding to customer needs as it brings to bear its experience and vast know-how in the field of document processing.

Compart owes its success to the total satisfaction of its customers. The German company’s technology allows organizations to adapt more easily to the new digital era, where multiple channels and effective content drive communication with clients. As a specialist in document processing, Compart has been developing guidelines and trends on the basis of sound analysis of business needs.

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