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Compart Expands Industry Reach With West Coast Hire

New sales manager Robert Bell, based in California, gives Compart 20+ years of experience in the print/mail business and thousands of contacts

Robert Bell, Compart North America

Compart, the leading document and content technology solutions provider in Europe, extended its reach into the western USA and Canada with the hiring of Robert Bell, based in California. Mr. Bell gives Compart 20+ years of experience in the print/mail business and thousands of contacts.

“The hiring of Robert Bell is part of our strategy to add American expertise and industry know-how to our formidable technology offerings,” said John P. Lynch, VP of Technology for Compart North America. “Robert has been a top industry resource for many years and has a following that will allow us to reach prospects and customers that were unavailable to us before.”

“I view my role as strategic--I listen and I listen and then I listen some more, to help me understand the problems faced by clients who need to handle large volumes of documents efficiently, securely and with full regulatory compliance,” said Mr. Bell. “Compart offers leading software to content management problems. The North American team has great experience crafting comprehensive and robust solutions with a toolkit of amazing software that takes a more thoughtful approach to the issues than do our competitors. I’m very happy to be a member of the team.”

Compart enables its clients to process, deliver and access documents and content — in any format via any channel. Compart delivers a powerful, scalable and SOA-oriented solution for universal and device-independent document processing – for all formats, channels and systems.

Complex processing can be divided into individual processing steps then linked together into a workflow of drag & drop modules. This provides cost reduction, resource efficiency, and helps our clients to ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements. More than 1,400 clients with thousands of installations in over 45 countries rely on the long-standing and proven expertise of Compart.

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