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Compart continues to grow in its anniversary year

Constant growth since firm's founding 20 years ago

Harald Grumser

Compart's growth continues. Halfway through the 2012/2013 fiscal year (which began 1 July 2012), the global supplier of software and services for multi-channel document management had already posted a strong increase in sales in the double-digit range. 

The company also forecasts significant growth in the second half, with overall numbers surpassing the previous year.

Compart thus achieved its goal to continue its strong upward trend in its anniversary year. The firm was founded in Böblingen in 1992 and since then has continued to expand both nationally and internationally. Launched simply as a software supplier for file conversion, the company has continually expanded its areas of business. Its solutions and services cover all the standard areas of output management (OM), are scalable and platform-independent, and designed for all physical and digital output channels. Harald Grumser, founder and CEO of Compart: "With our portfolio, Compart supports companies of every size and industry in making their output management the central hub in enterprise communications. They can rely on our proven expertise in optimizing data streams of different formats." Grumser added that Compart's innovative drive – 40% of its employees are dedicated to research and development – fosters sustainable growth.

Compart acts early on current OM trends

Characteristic of Compart's role as a driver of innovation is its ability to pre-empt and respond to current trends, such as embedding office docu-ments into central bulk processing. Many companies are still sending such documents out decentrally, which is a waste of valuable resources. With DocBridge FileCab, Compart delivers powerful software for the verification and transfer of Office documents into central output management, regardless of the application in which they were generated. Not only does this relieve processors of administrative tasks, but significantly boosts reliability in processing.
With its DocBridge Delta automatic document comparison software, Compart delivers precisely what customers have asked for – an easy-to-use tool for comparing documents with the same content but different layouts and formats, with speed, reliability, and reproducibility.

International presence powers forward

The latest addition to the constantly expanding range of DocBridge products is DocBridge Mill Plus, easy-to-use software with a graphical user interface for the display and processing of data streams of every format. It analyzes, modifies, separates, distributes, classifies and indexes the input data and converts it for the desired formats. 
Internationalization has been powering forward since 2005. With its sub-sidiaries and partners, today the group of companies is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide. In addition to Western and Southern Europe (including France, Spain, Belgium, Italy), Compart is experiencing strong market demand in the USA as well as Latin America (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia). Compart will continue to expand its international presence in the coming years. The Compart team comprises employees from more than 20 countries.
Its current customer base already includes twelve of the twenty largest banks and seven of the ten largest telecommunications providers in Europe. 
Of course, the D-A-CH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) will continue to be an important key market for Compart. A market where Compart has meanwhile joined the leading industry suppliers, enjoying almost 80% of the market share with print providers.

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