Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Multi-Channel Document Management by Inclusion in Multi-Dimensional Structural Transformation

Oliver Helfrich, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG


Oliver Helfrich is in charge of digital/print media at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG. By establishing a world-wide scan center and implementing intelligent mailing solutions for the enterprise, the department readily responds to the multi-dimensional structural transformation - enterprise, customer, market, employees, and process. With support from the “integrated steel mill” network, the business service packages for ThyssenKrupp are created for the most part by the company’s employees with disabilities, and therein lies the activities’ unique nature. This approach has two aspects. The formerly independent ThyssenKrupp Printmedia GmbH requires integration into the TK group landscape, and the organization and processes need to adapt to support a globally oriented competence center for digital and print media by truly realizing the full potential of employees with disabilities.

Oliver Helfrich

Oliver Helfrich has been with ThyssenKrupp for 10 years. For several years, his work focused strictly on the project environment. He managed a wide variety of high-level group projects whose unique tasks did not fit into traditional line functions. One such project was constructing a company kindergarten and selecting its operating institution, and setting up a telepresence room infrastructure, including creating the necessary networks and IT infrastructures. Thanks to the experience and insights he gained, he took over the digital/print media area in 2014 and was tasked with building it into the service center for the ThyssenKrupp Group. The main pillars of this forward-looking concept were implementing and establishing an automated dispatch service that supported entrusting challenged employees with cost-optimized dispatch of outgoing mail (in this case, delivery slips and credit notices), but also setting up an enterprise-wide, globally oriented scanning service for all of ThyssenKrupp’s invoices.

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