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METAPOSTA, Your Internet Letterbox and Strongbox

Aitor Velasco, Metaposta


METAPOSTA is a project included within the “Basque Country in the Information Society Plan”. The aim of METAPOSTA is to develop an "Internet-based electronic strongbox" for storing personal documents.

The fundamental principle of the system is the secure and long-term storage of documents of great value to members of the public and companies, in a personal, electronic space.

METAPOSTA will, therefore, have the same functions of the letterbox used in traditional postal services but will operate in an electronic environment. To a large extent, the documents received by members of the public via this new system will be of the type delivered to their physical letterboxes every day: invoices, bank statements, receipts, insurance policies, contracts, summonses, notifications, payslips, etc. And they will receive them free of charge, as is the case of traditional postal services.

Additionally, METAPOSTA will offer users services for uploading documents from their computer for secure digital storage.

As a project, METAPOSTA has been influenced by a large number of similar projects developed in a number of different countries.

Aitor Velasco

Aitor Velasco, CEO of Metaposta, born in Bilbao in 1973, holds a Degree in physics from the University of the Basque Country and a Master degree in Business Administration from EOI (Escuela de Organización Industrial). Before joining his current position, he was Commercial Director and Account Manager in companies with a strong technological profile.

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