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Keynote: The Human Contradiction - Why Do We All Want Justice, Yet Are Injust Ourselves?

Germany’s Justice coach No. 1, Lawyer Markus Schollmeyer


Whether searching for a new partner or even at work, it is important to show off your assets to their best. But: Are women really fairer than men? How much does beauty play a role in success? How can I determine someone's true self? Can you really detect lying by body language? The author, Keynote Speaker and Lawyer Markus Schollmeyer reveals special psychological techniques, that enable one to answer such questions as these. Entertaining and insightful, Germany's Number 1 Justice Coach demystifies widespread misconceptions. He demonstrates how to see through the intentions of others, how to effectively use your inherent empathy and how our subconscious hinders justice.

Lawyer Markus Schollmeyer

Negotiation expert. Strategist. Empathy trainer.

Markus Schollmeyer studied in Munich, Hamburg and Los Angeles. During his time as a defense lawyer, he became a "people reader" , who, according to the principals of the US American jury selection can make an in depth analysis of people and their decisions. (Research on Justice).

In order to research these largely subconscious processes in the human psyche, he founded the Aequalitas Institute for research into justice, the results of which flow exclusively into his work. The quality of his research made him a research cooperation partner of the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and to become the first point of contact for many renowned people in important questions regarding justice.

His experience now makes it possible for him to derive the optimal strategy for situations in which the power of decision lies with a 3rd party, such as decisions of choice, contracts, legal and non legal negotiations and cooperative decisions.

Markus Schollmeyer promotes just projects such as "HonestHealth". In addition he is a voluntary ambassador for the Charity projects "Miles for Help".

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