Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Intelligent Input and Output Management as a Driver for More Efficient Processes

Guido Schmitz, PENTADOC


Greater customer orientation, urgent need for cost efficiency, new competitors from the Web, new media: Many companies need to shift gears. Modern information-logistics is viewed as the main driver, a necessary exercise aimed at repositioning a business. Exactly what opportunities are there? And how do medium-size firms fare against the large ones?

The presentation highlights information logistics as the basis for success. Related projects should not be based on purely technical requirements, nor should they be designed in a departmental silo. A holistic view of the business processes involved and their organization and technical requirements is recommended.

Guido Schmitz

Guido Schmitz, computer scientist, co-founder and board member of PENTADOC AG.

In his work in the ECM/DMS world and especially at Pentadoc, Schmitz has been responsible for a variety of projects for customers such as the Deutsche Post, Allianz, Evonik, HDI and the Deutsche Bahn AG.

He has over twenty years of experience in planning, design, and development of ECM solutions. Schmitz has been with Pentadoc for sixteen years, thirteen of them in a number of business management positions.

In 2008 he founded the new Pentadoc Radar division, which supplies the German-speaking ECM market with detailed market data - market research, technology studies, whitepapers, benchmark testing, etc. - thereby closing the information gap left by the major research firms in the broad spectrum of the ECM market

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