Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Input Output Workflow - Compart at Allianz Deutschland

Uli Schäck, Allianz Deutschland


“Digitalization: not an option, but a fact" - auch die Allianz Deutschland muss sich den Herausforderungen einer immer stärker digitalisierten Welt stellen. Der Vortrag "Input, Output, Workflow" zeigt, welche kreativen, individuellen Lösungen die Allianz Deutschland im Multi-Channel-Umfeld für Input und insbesondere Output entwickelt hat - und welchen Beitrag die Produkte von Compart dabei leisten.

Ulrich Schäck

Ulrich Schäck has worked in various companies of the Allianz Group since 1995. Starting with health insurer Vereinte Krankensicherung (now Allianz Private Krankenversicherung, or APKV) he was one of those responsible for the PL/I and assembler programming of the host-based output system. The system received a graphical user interface in the early 2000s. In addition to a new uniform inventory management system, Allianz Deutschland introduced a new output management system (OMS) in 2007. The OMS continues to be advanced today. Since the beginning of the OMS project, Schäck has served in a variety of roles (component owner for the specialist interface, scrum master for batch data gathering, (acting) IT project manager) and is currently responsible for the overall architecture of the OMS.

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