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Increasing Service Levels while Decreasing Onboarding Time for Customers

Michael L. Miller, DST Output Inc.


DST is one of the largest service providers in the area of output mangement in the US. To increase the service levels and dramatically decrease the time when going live with new customers, DST chosed Compart DocBridge Pilot.

Michael L. Miller

Mike Miller is Vice President at DST Output. He and his team are responsible for Product Management and Enterprise Architecture at DST Output. In addition to the traditional roles of these positions, responsibilities include client support for eSolutions operations and development & support for common software infrastructure. Product Management includes the identification of client & market needs for both print & electronic delivery of consumer communications. Enterprise Architecture provides the strategies and evolutions plans to deliver those products. Together, these functions strive to keep DSTO at the forefront of industry innovation and operational excellence.

Prior to joining DST Output, Mike served in executive positions at Embarq, Sprint & AT&T. As a Telecom executive, he pioneered many of the IT breakthroughs in Billing and Customer Care following divestiture of the Bell System. He was responsible for creating the hardware and software infrastructure to support new business ventures such as Embarq Wireless Resale, WorldPartners Global Billing, AT&T’s "reentry" into local service. He also created and led the processes and organization for the Integration Management Office that governed the successful deployment of Sprint’s 3G wireless services.

Throughout his career, Mike has had significant leadership experiences in virtually all aspects of IT, including International Process Negotiations, Product Management, Architecture & Planning, Systems Development, Integration Management and Data Center Operations.

Mike also started his own independent consulting firm, Verto Consulting, which specializes in organization effectiveness, executive coaching and culture-change management. He also served as a Principal consultant in the systems integration practice of BusinessEdge Solutions.

Miller received his bachelor’s degree from Rutgers, and earned further certifications from the Wharton School’s Advanced Management Program, and AT&T – Executive Development and Advanced Management Programs.

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