Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Hand in Hand to Success at LVM! Application Development and Output Management

John Vogt, LVM Versicherungen
Ingo Knein, LVM Versicherungen


The LVM presentation clearly illustrates the benefits and the savings achievable when application development and output service design the solutions for print applications hand in hand.

Traditionally, application development in document management used to focus heavily on  the technical post-processing requirements with regard to separation of forms and transmission channels, OMR codes, etc. Developers were experts on the complex technology of printing and insertion systems as well as output service processes, all of which had to be considered during programming.

With DocBridge Pilot, document applications get leaner and can be developed more effectively without the need for postprocessing logic. This puts the support of DocBridge Pilot directly in the hands of output services, who are then free to make their own decisions concerning the use and capacity utilization of the technical infrastructure.

John Vogt

John Vogt has worked for LVM output management since 2001. He started on the Poststraße floor, moving daily between printing and the Kern Multimailers. In March 2009 John began working with DocBridge Pilot and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the migration from Sefas to DocBridge Pilot. To date, John has seen LVM's output management system move 95% of all printing to DocBridge Pilot. The next step is to move all the current jobs into a new, more streamlined process with TLE-based job control.

Ingo Knein

Mr. Knein has been with LVM since 1980. Since 1982 he has provided consulting and support on letter, document and output management from the application development perspective.

He directs the CTV project in the IT department. His team is responsible for the creation (composition and formatting) of all of LVM's internal and external sales documentation.

Mr. Knein is responsible for the DOPE product from icon Systemhaus GmbH and is a specialist in the interface products and architectures for DOPE (icon), DocBridge Pilot (Compart), Enterprise Print Manager (MPI-Tech), ASF (IBM) and AFPDS ImagePlus (IBM).

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