Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Getting to Grips with Word, Excel & Co.: Central Output Management from an Office Environment at ZRWest

Marco Dönni, Zentrales Rechenzentrum West (ZRWest) GmbH


Because of the decentralized organization of ZRWest GmbH, and in particular the future direction of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German statutory pension insurance scheme), it is becoming increasingly important to reduce costs. One approach to achieve this is to centralize print data. In this presentation the concepts of centralizing the conversion of print data through to printing in a printing center, including electronic franking of Office documents will be explained.

Marco Dönni

Marco Dönni is the head of the Production Business unit at ZRWest. Previously he was the head of the Computing Center of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung in the Rheinland. Qualified as a "Graduate in Public Management", he has been active since 1990 in almost all sectors of data processing and the related field of print processing. His involvement has been mostly to do with print automation (data flow), print finishing and archiving.

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