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From Hybrid Mail to Communications Logistics: The Challenges Facing Business Models and Providers of Trust Services

Walter Trezek, Document Exchange Network GmbH


The presentation highlights trends and developments which have led to the expansion of the postal service into the provision of digital and mobile media (e-Universal Service), to new and sustainable business models for electronic transactions offered by trusted service providers, and to fundamental changes in the economic and regulatory framework.

On the one hand, the e-Universal Service is a new growth market for postal services, with both overlap and interdependencies with the classic postal business model. On the other hand, the nature of digital communications logistics will be determined by new business models and new competitors.

Trezek examines the most recent developments in this field. He outlines potential scenarios, describes the probable legal and regulatory framework conditions, and draws initial conclusions about possible business models and future developments in communication logistics.

Walter Trezek

Walter Trezek is the President of the European Committee for Standardization and thereby responsible for relationships with the circle of global Postal Services for technical standardization of postal services. Topics in focus are the expansion of postal services in the internet, the development of trusted services and the associated demands for data security and personal data protection, and the development of addresses for postal electronic identity. Trezek enjoys more than 15 years in the international postal service industry, including 4 years as director of technology and trade law for address publishing and direct marketing at the Austrian Post Post AG.

In addition to consultancy projects in the development and reorganization of postal services, Trezek was a key contributor to the invention of the digital stamp and the IPO of in the USA.

As a member of the board of Dialog Marketing Society Austria (DMVÖ), he works on the FEDMA and has recently taken over responsibility for the committee for digital marketing in ASI (Austrian Standards Institute).

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