Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Flexibility in Output Management: Quick and Easy Integration of New Input and Output Channels



As part of a major project, output management at VHV was strategically redesigned in 2007. DocBridge Pilot was selected as the main module for print optimization. At first only one process with a single application to generate the print data stream was tied into DocBridge Pilot. There were initially just a handful of distribution channels implemented using DocBridge Pilot. In the meantime, DocBridge Pilot has become the central tool for bundling and optimizing over 30 million documents each year. Scores of new distribution channels, such as E-Post, have also been successfully integrated.

Michael Amme

Mr. Amme has been with VHV since 1985. He trained as an insurance specialist and switched to information technology in 1989. In 1992 he took over output in the life division. He developed all the software, from test processing to printer programming. Over the years he also assumed responsibility for the implementation and support of various output management systems.
As a member of the output management team, today he concentrates on supporting and further developing DocBridge Pilot as well as processing and converting older print data streams.

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