Compart - Document- and Output-Management

ECM and ADF: Why the Two Make Such a Good Team

Harald Grumser, COMPART


Output Management uses since many years the Gartner model of Automated Document Factory which was developed in the 90s and a few years ago it was extended by the document creation with ADF 2.0. The specialists coming from archiving have defined the Document Management by the model of Enterprise Content Management (developed by AIIM in the early 2000s). Both architectures complement each other and overlap in some areas. The union of both approaches has created a lot of discussion through to joining common departments.

The presentation explains both architectures and shows both the community as well as the powerfulness of both approaches. It will comment on the changes and challenges in the Output and Document Management World and tries to draw direct conclusions what will happen in the further future.

Harald Grumser

Harald Grumser is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Compart AG. Harald co-founded Compart and has served as Chief Executive Officer since the company’s launch in 1992. Early in his career, Harald worked both in software development and publishing. Renowned as an expert on the new topic of PCs and micropro­cessors, he was widely published throughout Europe in technology publications. He then moved to IBM, where he managed a Europe­-wide PC project for several years before becoming PC Application Manager for SOFTPRO GmbH, a Böblingen-based software company.

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