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E-Postbrief and De-Mail – What's Next?

Klaus Gettwart, MailConsult


The advertising campaign of Deutsche Post, which began almost a year before adoption of the DE-Mail laws, has shaken up the German market. But suddenly they made the much-discussed issue of substitution of the letter by e-mail that made its own business base appeared in a new light, for its own theme. The message was transmitted to the letter with his correspondence and his quality of service by mail of the German "Internet space".  In football stadiums and various print media ran the messages and quickly were about 1 million users won. But since then it has become calmer. Many practical issues have emerged. Many misconceptions and misunderstandings have arisen. Companies are on hold and discuss the benefits that could play this new "flower" in the "bouquet of channels of communication."

The lecture will show the current situation, misunderstandings and moves straight draws an objective picture of the benefits and the recommended approach, free of manufacturer or supplier interest, purely from a benefits perspective and from the perspective of potential users.

Klaus Gettwart

Dipl.-Wi.-Ing. Klaus Gettwart has been working for over twenty years in the field of information logistics. After starting to work at Robert Bosch GmbH, Erbach in controls for machine tools, he led the marketing for Francotyp-Postalia and is since 2000 managing partner of MailConsult GmbH. He is expert author of many publications and has its own column in the Postmaster , in which he regularly reports on current developments. MailConsult is an independent consulting firm for information logistics. The specialties of Klaus Gettwart are BPO (business process optimization), costing and benchmarking of post offices, printing and digitization centers. He is a trained coach of communication  and each year facilitator of approximately 80 training participants on the topics of digital post-processing, benchmarking and optimization of output management. He also leads conferences on post processing in Germany and Austria.

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