Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Don´t worry, be sure! Quality Assurance of Print Data

Cristian Tecsan, Tecsys


The challenge in projects within OM systems is keeping all the data being processed through the various components compatible. This is especially true for systems that are built on different platforms in shared applications. This presentation explains how to ensure that all the data generated in upstream systems continue to meet compatibility requirements so that any errors are caught early on, thus guaranteeing complete processing.

Cristian Tecsan

After completing his degree in engineering in Bucharest with an emphasis on automation and informatics, Cristian Tecsan moved to Germany and gained his initial output management experience at Compart. He then pursued a variety of projects in-country and abroad and meanwhile has gained fifteen years professional experience in document and output management.
His projects have covered the following activities:

  • Design and architecture for document and output management systems
  • Software development for automated processing of data streams
  • Roll-out of software for production systems
  • Performance analyses and systems optimization
  • Consulting in the selection and use of appropriate software for specific customer requirements in output management

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