Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Document Creation with XML, XSL-FO, OO-XML, etc.

Jeremias Märki, Software-Entwicklung und Beratung


XML technologies such as XSL-FO, OOXML and ODF are becoming more and more important in document production. We'll look at how and when to intelligently use the XML language in document production as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Because standards are involved, we'll also take a brief look at available tools. Finally, we'll venture a look into the future.

Jeremias Märki

Jeremias Märki is an independent software developer and consultant in the world of documents. His areas of expertise are open standards (such as XML, XSL and SVG) and Open Source. For over ten years he has worked on a variety of Open Source projects and has been a member of the Apache Software Foundation since 2004.

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