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Digitalization of Business Processes in Document Process Management - A case study with Domtrac™ Interactive

Robert Reichmuth, Docucom AG

For many companies, Output Management is used synonymously with batch processing. Over the last few years many objectives have been achieved like mail piece optimization or multi-channel output. In the course of digitization of business processes the pressure is on to link batch processing with so-called interactive systems. For most companies it means a very high effort to bring together these two worlds. Do you really have the time and money to do that?  

As a centralized workflow and control platform, Domtrac™ offers a modular and efficient means to meet this challenge. Experience a representative process cycle with the brand-new version 5 based on a specific financial industry example.


Robert Reichmuth

Robert Reichmuth

Robert Reichmuth, CEO of Docucom AG. Docucom AG is one of the largest service providers in the area of Document Output Management and market leader for archive migration in Switzerland. After more than 25 years of project and implementation experience, Domtrac™ was developed as an independent Document Process Management Application for controlled, workflow-based output and input processing of documents and data..


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