Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Customer Communication Based on Open Standards (XML, XSL-FO and Web Interfaces) with Cartago®Live

Manuel Niemeyer, Cartago Software


Cartago®Live is an XML-based document platform for customer communication. This SAP-certified solution is based on an open, service-oriented architecture

that consistently uses Web services, XSL style sheets, XSL-FO formatting and general W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards for document generation and related business processes. Cartago's solutions are based on the KISS principles of design ("KISS - Keep it simple and straightforward") and are extremely user-friendly and easy to learn.

This session introduces the two flagship components: Cartago®Live - Designer and Cartago®Live - Workspace. Both components are considered document subsystems that can be used simultaneously, and without local installation, as a 100% Web solution/native to the browser within the corporate cloud, or integrated into the customer environment, each with the corresponding corporate identity. Processes will be explained using SAP standard integration examples. All processes will be demonstrated, from design and active document use to multi-channel output in and outside SAP.

Manuel Niemeyer

Manuel Niemeyer holds an advanced degree in electrical engineering and information technology from the Technical University of Munich and has been working in the field of customer communications and output management for over fifteen years. He held a variety of sales and management positions for well-respected international firms in Germany and Europe, and since 2008 has been working in close partnership with Compart AG as the director of Cartago Software GmbH in Landshut.

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