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Copyright is Everywhere: User Rights in IT

Anette Hassenjürgen, Compart AG


This presentation offers an insight into the following issues:

  • Limits of copyright to other protection rights
  • The status of German copyright
  • The legal relevance of copyright statements
  • Copyright restrictions, e.g. the use of reference/quotations
  • Current development in copyright
  • Short overview of copyright laws in other countries
  • The legal protection of fonts and licensing terms

Anette Hassenjürgen

Anette Hassenjürgen is responsible for contracts at Compart. She studied law at the University of Tübingen. After completing her internship at the higher regional court in Munich she practiced for a number of years as a civil lawyer in Starnberg. She has been active for Compart since 2005, consulting on trademark law, domain law and data protection. In 2008 she participated in professional legal course for information technology law at the German Legal Academy.

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