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Comprehensible Language in the Automated Text Generation Era

Prof. Dr. Christian Stetter, semantics Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH


Communications with customers and non-customers from large enterprises like Insurance companies, banks or other industrial organizations only work when the "message" is understandable. The effort is really only affordable for the media department if the text production and distribution is mostly automated. These two competing pressures seem to be irreconcilable. Today the automation of text production is done almost exclusively through the use of text modules - and a combination of "text sections" thereby preventing the individualization of the text, and also understandability. But it doesn’t have to be this way: understandability is based in the first instance on a clear structure of the argument. This can be systematically constructed with the use of a language such as XML.

The presentation will be used to show how the methods of modern philosophy and linguistics language can be organized to make it understandable and how written communication can be changed from a cost factor into a factor promoting productivity.

Prof. Dr. Christian Stetter

Prof. Dr. Christian Stetter was Professor for Lingustics at the RWTH Aachen until 2009 and is CEO and partner of semantics Kommunikationsmanagement Aachen since 2000.

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