Compart - Document- and Output-Management

Barrier-free Documents are Also Accessible Documents: Why Political Correctness Realistically is Becoming More Important

Harald Grumser, CEO Compart AG


Regulatory authorities have for some time required barrier-free documents for the public sector in the Internet. In public sectors, such as the BITV. With the increasing access to transactional documents via portals, the semantic quality of documents even independent of regulatory requirements plays an increasingly important role. As an example, channel-friendly document workflows must break away from the A4 metaphor and make content available for other target devices in the future, devices such as Smartphones. This implies a step-by-step migration from the print-centric preparation of high-value documents, or expressed in other words, the current step-by-step information destruction caused by current systems towards document output must be stopped.

This presentation highlights the statutory, technical and theoretical basics and shows, based on a examples, the limits of operational flexibility and provides guidance for migration.

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